Dixie Belles

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Double Pleasure – Landscape Photography by Gale Rainwater

Glowing Hall – Landscape Photography by Gale Rainwater

Remember and Honor – Landscape Photography by Gale Rainwater

I thought this image was fitting for Memorial Day weekend. Taken on a cold foggy winter morning at the Fort Smith National Cemetery.

Palouse Abstract – Landscape Photography by Gale Rainwater

I took this one sunset at the Palouse region in Washington state.The in camera abstract was created with a long lens and camera movement at sunset.

My first camera, photography 101 and developing your eye.

I just had another birthday, it is a time I often look back on memories of growing up. I still have the camera I learned to photograph on. It was just an old 35mm my father owned. He pulled it out of his drawer when I showed some interest in photography. My father was a [...]

Palouse Falls – Landscape Photography by Gale Rainwater

Sunrise at Palouse Falls in eastern Washington state. I photographed this in May of 2010. It is a huge waterfall 189 feet. I happen along the video of Tyler Bradt running this in his kayak. A world record run! Pretty crazy stuff but I respect his bravery and talent. I must admit as a paddler [...]

Trees of Olympic National Park – Landscape Photography by Gale Rainwater

Rain in the Ozarks – Landscape Photography by Gale Rainwater

I often only show a crop of my images online. I often photograph a panorama of my landscapes. For a better view of this image here is the actual panorama of this shot.http://galerainwater.com/comptons-pano-5-2-11-w-logo-big.jpg

Dogwood Blossoms – Photography by Gale Rainwater

Spring Arkansas Private Group Photo Tour

I had a very nice group of photographers Iris Greenwell, Kathy Warley, Cindy Rubin, Tamyra Ayles and Robert Walker. They were all from Oklahoma and ask me to take them on a private group photo tour of some of the places I frequent in the spring time in Arkansas. They were such a fun group [...]